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I personally use and love The email-nightmare-ending tool allows users to manage their subscriptions and get an email digest that contains all of the subscription emails for that day. It's surprising how effective and relieving this simple tool is.

The best part of it all gets no shine: the "Edit Subscriptions" feature.

Think about it. Even if you wanted to unsubscribe to the newsletters you don't want anymore, you've still got to click the email, scroll down, click unsubscribe, go to the page that asks you why you're unsubscribing, click confirm, get the infuriating unsubscribe confirmation email - the whole thing is a time-consuming mess. puts all subscriptions on one page and allows you to unsubscribe from as many as you want with one click per subscription. It's lovely. All of that other clicking nonsense is gone.

Here's what I mean: This is a screencap from my personal


So, this holiday season, if you're feeling overwhelmed with your sale emails from every company and its mother, consider giving a go. It'll save your tech sanity. 

Zero, zilch, none and no part of this post is sponsored by any of the above mentioned product company nor would I ever present such a thing.

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