Coin launches, dazzles the tech world


You've got to love Kickstarter projects. They're all the rage, and some of the hottest products in the tech sphere are launching off of this amazing platform. Coin, the bluetooth card that stores data for credit cards, membership cards, etc., launched with great success on Nov. 14 and is no exception.

What's a bluetooth card?

Set to release in summer 2014, early adopters rushed to sign up. Coin fulfilled its $50,000 fundraising goal in 47 minutes, but not without criticism and speculation from tech big boy CNN Money:
Coin is a buzzy new startup that's making a digital credit card that stores information for all the other cards in your wallet. Coin's splashy launch generated a lot of attention, but there are several big issues that need to be resolved if it's going to be a successful product.
Coin is an exciting look into what the future of money management can be. Along with progressive banking products like Simple, the future looks bright.

What do you think? Are you rushing out to get a Coin? Could you trust it? How do you think this will affect Charlotte's banking industry? Let us know in the comments!

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