Untappd: Social Networking + Beer + Cider + Mead



Untappd, the social network for beer lovers, has been around for 2+ years but it wasn't until my recent increase in love of cider that my love for this simple app has grown as well.

Speaking of cider, this app has helped me discover some amazing ones, as well as help me hone in my tastebuds. I discovered that I don't like fruit beer but do like cider. Only through beer and cider recommendations through Untappd from my friends was I able to determine this! It's also nice not to waste money on things I'm not going to drink because instead of guessing, the app is pretty solid with it's own recommendations.

No matter where in the world one finds themselves, this is a great way to find not only friends but good drinks as well. I give it 4 out of 5 stars for being an all around well designed and helpful app.


4 stellar ciders I've discovered via Untappd, in order of favorite:

1. Woodchuck Raspberry Hard Cider - This has a true raspberry flavor that isn't overpowering, too sweet, or too dry. It's refreshing!
2. JK's Scrumpy Orchard Gate Gold Organic Hard Cider - Think of unfiltered apple juice made into cider with this one. In the summer this is great chilled but in the winter this stuff is delicious warm.
3. Woodchuck 802 Hard Cider - This molasses based cider isn't too sweet and is kind of dry though it stays true to the tart sweetness cider lovers love.
4. Redd's Apple Ale - I like to think of this one as the PBR of ciders because it's a great stand-in when you just want something to go with dinner or after work.

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