Loving the little things: Charlotte



You know, for all of the adventure to be had out there in the world, there really is nothing like getting a good ol' home-style slice-o-life in from time to time. Charlotte's got some gems in her crown that are just serendipitous. Parks and greenways are everywhere around here.

According to their website, "Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation Department is home to 210 parks and facilities located on more than 17,600 acres of parkland throughout Mecklenburg County. Parks in Mecklenburg County come in all shapes and sizes ranging from small neighborhood parks to large district parks."

For example, Little Sugar Creek Greenway is downright gorgeous. I cannot wait to see that place blossom in the spring. Also, The Pocket is Charlotte's best open-air park. It's going to be a prime real-estate outdoors lunch spot once it's a bit warmer.

For an organic hometown experience, though, I would recommend an empty neighborhood playground. There's no way I could make a list of all the great spots in Charlotte because for them to be full of bliss, you have to stumble upon them. Be open to the idea of re-experiencing such an elementary activity as an adult and get on a swing. Swinging is so innocently fun, the breeze pushing against your face while your legs pump back and forth. You can't help but get off feeling quite uplifted, no matter what might have been weighing on your mind.

Another option is to simply gaze at what is certainly one of the best skylines in the world. Just walk around Uptown and look up at buildings. Doing so really puts you in perspective in comparison to this big world we live in.

The moral of this story is that we've created a beautiful shared space together, and it's worth taking in. Get outside, be thankful for and connect with our city, even if it's for a fleeting moment. You won't regret it.

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