TEDxSummit in Doha with @dbirdy: Day 5 & 6

Desert Day!



TEDxSummit Desert day shenanigans!


Today I climbed up the side of a sand dune (which was surreal considering that's literally sitting on top of one of the world's top energy supplier's supply), got henna, hung out with a Moroccan blogger, Khalid Marbou, and a blogger from Ghana, Mac-Jordan Degadjor, plus rode a camel!


We came back to the conference, Mac-Jordan got to meet TEDx's main boss, Laura Stein (which is a big deal to us TEDxers), all 700+ of us had dinner, and then we went out to the Wham at the W Hotel.


For all you clubbers out there, get a load of this!:

This is at the W Hotel at their club called Wham. Pimped out in an understatement.

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