Open to debate: Should grown men wear jerseys?



Open to debate: Should grown men and women wear football jerseys?


One school of thought says, "Hell yes! Support your team!" The other school of thought is, "Hell no! You're a grown-ass man wearing someone else's name on your shirt while you're at the grocery store. Have some self respect!"

Regardless of your stance, I think we can all agree on a few simple rules:

1. If you're going to the Panthers vs. Patriots game on Monday night, for example, don't show up in your Packers jersey. It's great that you're a Packers fan, but you'll simply look like you're at the wrong game.

2. It's time to retire that Delhomme jersey. I can probably respect a John Kasay jersey that pays tribute to the long-time Panthers kicker or something for a Hall of Fame player, but wearing the jersey of a guy who was pushed off the team after a dismal 2009 season? That's almost as bad as wearing a Carruth jersey.

3. Wearing a personalized jersey if you're a) not married to or related to that player; b) not actually on the team or c) over the age of, say, 17. Are you hoping to get signed in the off-season? And, no, if you're wearing a team's jersey and hat, you won't get signed to be a benchwarmer, either. You want to know when the name of an amateur looks good on the back of a professional jersey? When you're 7. "That's my boy, Johnny. He wants to be like Peyton Manning one day!"

4. Wear something under your jersey. Please.

And since we're on the subject...
5. Basketball jerseys should only be worn by athletes on a basketball court. (The new ones with sleeves shouldn't be worn by anyone.)

So, what do you think? Can a grown man wear a jersey? Or should he just wear a T-shirt in support of his favorite team instead?

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