Understanding Kojo Nantambu

January 25, 2011

If I were Kojo Nantambu, I'd hate white people.

Last week, the NAACP president stood the city on edge by calling Charlotte a "bastion of racism" after school officials used the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday as a snow make-up day.

But you've got to understand where Nantambu is coming from. After living through the Wilmington Ten era, it wouldn't be unrealistic to say that he probably suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Nantambu was there in 1971 when blacks had to barricade their Wilmington neighborhoods to keep out marauding whites who beat and in several instances shot them. White businesses were torched in retaliation.

The violence started over desegregation and because the Wilmington school board prohibited a memorial service on Martin Luther King's birthday. Before that, the city attempted to stop black youths from marching in commemoration of King's assassination. So you can see why Nantambu flipped out when our school board ditched the MLK holiday this year.

It's a testament to the vast improvement in race relations over the last 40 years that when Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Superintendent Peter Gorman asked school board members if they objected to using MLK Day as a snow makeup day, it didn't dawn on African-American school board members like Joyce Waddell to object.

"In hindsight, she wishes she had," The Charlotte Observer reported.

So Nantambu has an excuse for the over-the-top racial rhetoric he has been slinging lately. The Charlotte Observer and Rabbi Judy Schindler don't. Last week, the paper flew in a "civil rights" panel as part of a Levine Museum of the New South discussion called Courage. The Observer, in racially tinged language, equated the struggle to close the $100 million school budget gap to the Brown v. Board of Education desegregation battle, one of the landmark achievements of the bloody (see above) civil rights era. That's simply outrageous.

Schindler went a step further, equating the need for a large tax increase for schools with Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat on the bus. Again, that's outrageous.

The clear implication here? Anyone who votes against a fat tax increase is racist.

The schools aren't $100 million short because of racism, but because the profligate idiots on the County Commission and school board built 16 more schools here than Wake County has — and Wake has more students. We wasted half a billion dollars on half-empty schools and now must pay it back. All this was done to cheers from the Observer.

The media template is that many of the proposed cuts will largely affect poor or minority schools or populations, so the cuts must be racist. The speakers flown in on the Observer's dime were clearly prepped to repeat those talking points and repeatedly called for "shared sacrifice" without having any idea what they were talking about.

The cuts will heavily impact minorities. There's no way around that because at nearly 70 percent, our school system is now majority minority and most of its schools are, too. (Most schools with white populations are highly integrated.) The idea that our community has somehow shortchanged poor or minority students is a flat-out lie that can only serve to drive racial tension and suspicion and tear the community apart. That's exactly what Schindler and the Observer are doing.

Per the Observer's own reporting, low-income kids, most of whom are black and Hispanic, receive a third more funding per pupil than middle-income kids. We spend $10,393 per pupil at mostly minority, low-income Thomasboro versus $4,406 at Ballantyne Elementary. CMS spends $8,377 at high-poverty Sedgefield Middle versus $4,014 at low-poverty Community House Middle.

How the heck do you cut more from Ballantyne Elementary? No more math class?

And yes, the school system did just shut down largely minority schools. In a system that's overwhelmingly minority, most schools shut down will have large minority populations. There were no suburban schools to shut down because for the last 15 years, we didn't build many. For years, the new schools were mostly built in low-income areas while we let suburban schools burst at the seams. And those suburban schools? Most are highly integrated.

If you folks want a big tax increase, make an economic argument for one and cut out the shameful, bogus racial crap.

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Still does not speak to the real issue at hand. These are public schools. They are funded by taxes, taxes by definition is stealing. It is socialism. These kids are being indoctrinated to be good citizens, to never question authority, everybody's right and other balderdash.

Even if there was surplus, it is still stealing. It's restrictive. It infringes upon property rights. The existence of a CMS means that competition in the marketplace for education is significantly reduced.

If I was part of the NAACP I'd be pushing for private voucher programs. Let's encourage wealthy individuals and businesses to spring for private schools and to help send kids to private school. Not taxpayer funded vouchers. Send these kids to private schools. Encourage homeschooling.

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Posted by Anonymous on 01/25/2011 at 5:27 PM

Tara no one cares about your stupid statistics that mask racism. Blacks are not falling for it anymore. Nantambu is not some anomaly in the black community. Most of us feel the same way. Besides the NAACP was started by Jews, not blacks. Jews used it to gain civil rights and now they hold all the key positions of power in this country, while blacks get the frontman blame for having the audacity to complain about white racism.

And what over the top racial rhetoric? Blacks are being brutalized by the police. Blacks are being wrongfully executed on death row. Blacks receive poor quality healthcare. Blacks receive poor quality education that teaches them whites are Gods. Blacks worship a false god that teaches them to forgive their enemies even when their enemies keep oppressing them. The stress of racism causes hypertension in blacks which leads to early death. Blacks are the last hired and the first fired.

Should I go on? In every walk of life in America and overseas white supremacy is the rule of the day and it's time for it to stop. Blacks are almost at the point where we are all willing to die to put an end to the racial madness of whites. This is NOT your land!!! This belongs to the native Americans. This is not our land either. We belong to Africa and whites stole us from there and erased our history. Whites raped us, shot us, lynched us, tortured us, separated our families, cut off the male testicles, whipped us and poured salt in the wounds, set us on fire. Should I go on?

Now these Tea Party rednecks, under the guise of patriotism which is nothing but another form of white supremacy and nativism, would like nothing better than to turn the clock back. They are stockpiling weapons and ammunition like never before. That's not for the government. It's for blacks and other nonwhites. We will not back down anymore. If whites want to exterminate us then go ahead and do it but many of you will go down in the process and you're crazy if you think the international community will stand by while these daily atrocities against our people continue to take place.

Can't we all just get along? HELL NO!!!!!! Whites will never change and now blacks can see that perfectly. Either we separate permanently or it will be eternal warfare until one of us is completely and totally exterminated from the face of the earth. I would say that 6.1 billion nonwhites have quite an advantage over 600 millions whites, 200 million of which live here alone. Think about it. Whites only listen to two things: money and force and blacks are all out of money. We will not go quietly and we will not believe any word coming out of white people's mouths again. The native Americans made the same mistake and look at them now.

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Posted by Anonymous on 01/26/2011 at 7:26 PM

Cry me a river. All races have been slaves on this planet.

BTW what are you gonna do to that half white Obama guy?

Nfamous is being eaten alive by hate. This is a sorry state to exist in.

I wonder what Nfamous says to white people that take his food order at Mcdonalds? "I suppose you are still going to make me pay for this after enslaving my ancestors."

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Posted by Anonymous on 02/01/2011 at 3:45 PM

Go back to Africa where you have existed for over 10,000 years and have never invented a damn thing. Still living in sh*t huts and eating animal dung. Zimbabwe threw out the only productive people in the country the White farmers and took their farms. Now the farms are desolate and non producing and Zimbabwe is on International welfare. Before those farmers feed the country and exported food. See any similarites? Non productive and on the government dole. I've got an idea, y'all want to be African-Americans why not just be Africans? You are all such geniuses go back to Africa (richest in resources in the world) and have your own country were there are no White people to bother you. Then you can build the great Black empire and show the world how great you are without the White man holding you down.

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Posted by YT on 10/16/2012 at 12:20 AM
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