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Harold Cogdell

October 03, 2012


As the consummate smarmy sycophant of Mecklenburg County government, Harold Cogdell comes off as equal parts creepy and corrupt. Disloyal? Cogdell made a deal with the four Republican county commissioners to make himself the chairman, pulling a coup on shoo-in Democrat Jennifer Roberts. With his and the GOPers' votes, he secured the seat but then decided against re-election, dividing and only half-conquering. Self-absorbed? After the county commission mess, Cogdell considered running as an independent for the 9th Congressional District when Sue Myrick vacated the seat. His chances weren't good: An independent campaign dedicated to all things Cogdell? Let's just say folks weren't interested, and he quickly dropped that idea - one of his few commendable decisions. Runners-up in the hotly contested Local Zero category: Charlotte-area homophobes who supported Amendment One and comments by Chick-fil-A's intolerant CEO; the Charlotte Bobcats, with their season-ending 0-23 run; and the vocal minority who turned vicious and whiny when Soundboard was temporarily removed from the pages of CL.

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How many people at this magazine are employed by Jennifer Roberts campaign? Get real CLC!! Get the facts.. how about a READERS CHOICE?

Posted by Noneya on 10/03/2012 at 7:05 PM

Really classy dig at faithful readers of your magazine there at the end CL (or maybe I should say "MK", since it sounds like that was written in his standard "talking down to the ignorant locals" writing style).

I'm sure that the people that were vocal regarding the removal of the "Soundboard" section of your newspaper really appreciate the fact that they were such a "hot contender" for this particular "Best Of" award alongside a bunch of clueless homophobes that helped NC to make gay marriage even "illegaler" than it already was.

The only reason it was only "temporarily" removed is because readers raised holy hell about it. MK and whoever is making the decisions over there had decided to turn it into an exclusively online thing. It was a failure and was thankfully brought back within a month due to overwhelming response from musicians, business and club owners, and last of all READERS. The comparison of music fans to "Pitbulls" in the opening of that particular issue was pretty classless and passive agressive as well, but at least I figured that it was done at that point.

Then, here we are, MONTHS later, and this is STILL getting brought up. I wasn't one of the people that was "vicious and whiney" when this first came up, but I certainly agreed that it was a dumb move.

So please let it go, and most importantly, grow up. The soundboard online thing didn't work. It was a failure. If anything, be THANKFUL that people still want to read ANYTHING in print, and be THANKFUL for your readers, even the most vocal ones. Don't take it personally, and maybe have the passive-agressive style take a break for a while. It's immature and unbecoming of an otherwise terrific publication.

Posted by Chris H. on 10/04/2012 at 7:38 PM
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