Gross Ghost at the Visulite tonight (11/17/2012)



Mining some of the same fuzzy analog textures as the headliners, frontman Matt Dillon (ex-Spader) and Tre Acklen turned in one of this year's better regional indie pop records with Brer Rabbit. Unlike the Love Language, whose releases so far suggest a limited (if pleasant) palette, these 11 songs drift through a variety of styles with assured ease. There's the dubby syncopation of "Lazy Little Walk" and Jesus & Mary Chain summer jam of "Lurker," as well as Blur-y Brit-pop ("Sooner or Later") and frenetic, reverb-rich Surfer Blood rock ("The Architect"). Dillon's hazy, behind-the-beat vocals suit the garage-y guitars and compressed percussion to a tee, and when they put those components together with an addictive loping melody like "Leslie," you've got all the makings of what used to be known as a big ol' fat radio hit. The Carrboro band is already at work on the follow-up, and don't be surprised if their buzz eventually eclipses the headliners. With the Love Language and the Toddlers. $12-$14. Nov. 17, 10:30 p.m. Visulite Theatre, 1615 Elizabeth Ave. 704-358-9200.

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