Jimmy Herring Band at Neighborhood Theatre tonight (11/3/2012)



A guitar-wiz checklist: flannel shirt, nicely untucked; bogus posing, none; plowing through a blend of blues, rock and jazz like there’s no tomorrow — always. A perennial road warrior, Jimmy Herring has toured with The Dead, Col. Bruce Hampton, the Allmans and his own band, among others, and is the lead axeman for Widespread Panic. He’s an unassuming, old-school guitarist that can jam for hours and folks will stick around, collectively swaying heads, becoming one with the music. The improv-laden originals as well sinewy covers emerge from his six strings with melodic flourishes. He can roll through rockers, stroll through psychedelic blues, or explore the subtleties and technical prowess of jazz fusion, giving a good reputation to the oft-denigrated latter genre. Multi-instrumentalist Victor Wooten and his band open. $30-$40. Nov. 3, 9 p.m. Neighborhood Theatre, 511 E. 36th St. 704-358-9298.

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