Charlotte Video Project: Forever FC



One of the more exciting hip-hop crews to come out of the Queen City in recent years is Forever F.C., a music collective that's dropped a string of interesting tracks from core members Lute - whose West1996 mixtape's already gotten solid national and even international buzz - SchylerChaise, HighImRy and Jimmy Kelso.

In July, Forever F.C. released a compilation, 704, which includes tracks from all four major players as well as a few guest spots. The collective's sound combines each of the players' influences. Lute cites his parents' jazz and blues collections as well as his love of 2Pac, Common, the Pharcyde and, of course, Nas, whose classic 1994 Illmatic album cover Lute pays homage to on the cover of his own debut. Ry, born of Jamaican parents and raised in Queens, N.Y., refers to himself in a Lute track as a "yankee boy on some country shit," and brings that attitude to some of the collective's other material. SchylerChaise credits his eclectic tastes - which run from the Beatles to Nirvana to Kanye West - with bringing an adventurous diversity to Forever F.C.'s mixes. (SchylerChaise can be seen running around in T-shirts ranging from Biggie to Nirvana to Marc Bolan of T-Rex.) And Kelso brings it all together as both a fellow MC and studio engineer.

Members of the Charlotte Video Project caught up with Forever F.C. at Crown Station on Elizabeth near Central Piedmont Community College for the video clip below. It's part of a series of high-quality music clips CL is running between Sept. 11 and Sept. 15 in collaboration with the Video Project, an arts venture that set out to document Charlotteans through 100 Web-based videos showcasing the city's arts and culture. From sports to music and more, the Project's mini-documentaries have been giving viewers outside of Charlotte an inside look at what the Queen City has to offer.

Keep an eye out for Forever F.C., which stands for "freshman class," the name hip-hop magazine XXL uses for its regular feature on the best emerging rap artists. Also, in addition to the clip below, check out this mini-doc the Video Project did on the group. But right now, enjoy Forever F.C. at Crown Station:

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