Screaming Females at the Haunted Mill tonight (6/8/2012)

Posted by Corbie Hill on Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 8:52 AM

SCREAMING FEMALES It's not that we music writers aren't allowed to mention Hendrix, it's just that we rarely bother. Right now, for instance, I want to say Screaming Females guitarist Marissa Paternoster's playing kinda-sorta reminds me of his. But I'm a bit nervous to do so, I'm scared the Creative Loafing site will be inundated by commenters with names like HendrixIsAGod69 and BluesHammer420, seeking hot-headed retribution for my heretical beliefs. The culture of "greatest guitarist of all time" - as if it's the kind of thing that can be proven objectively, or at all - really gets in the way of an even-headed discussion. All I really want to say is that the emotional impact of the New Jersey garage rocker's fretwork is directly tied to her mastery of the instrument. With Ceremony and Joint D≠. $10. Haunted Mill.

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Screaming Females canceled this gig a while ago. Ceremony, Joint D and Late Bloomer are still scheduled to play, though.

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