Dialect Discipline captures artists in action



Aside from the growing trend of live painting, most artists create their works in private, with plenty of space for breaks, revisions and messiness. Unless you're an apprentice, you might never get the chance to hover over a shoulder, watching the art of making art in action. Pura Vida's latest exhibit, Dialect Discipline, offers this fly-on-the-wall view of local art luminaries.

Architects Jahan Nourbakhsh and Toby Witte of Dialect Design.
  • Jahan Nourbakhsh and Toby Witte of Dialect Design.

The exhibit features the black-and-white photography of Christina Welsh, whose snagged photos capture architects Jahan Nourbakhsh and Toby Witte of Dialect Design and tattoo artist Hans Drost of Fu's Custom Tattoos engaged in the discipline and creation of their particular artforms.
Tattoo artist Hans Drost.
  • Tattoo artist Hans Drost.

The exhibit also showcases other media, including paintings by Sharon Dowell, Ruth Ava Lyons, Paul Sires, Cher Cosper, Henry Schreiber, Theron Ross, Terry Shipley, Jahan Nourbakhsh, Toby Witte, Osiris Rain, William Puckett and more. Opening reception Friday, Sept. 7, from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. Exhibit continues through Sept. 22. Pura Vida, 3202 N. Davidson St., Suite A. 704-335-8587. www.puravidaart.com.

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