Rock and Rye knocks colds out

Posted by Kimberly Lawson on Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 11:00 AM


Not feeling too great? Is the sharp contrast of the hot weather outside and the freezing temps inside the office causing you to sniffle? Just fix yourself a drink!

A drink of rye whiskey sweetened with rock candy and perhaps some fruits and bitter herbs, Rock and Rye was once believed to be a cure-all for the common cold. So famous were the phlegm-fighting qualities of the drink in days gone by that children used to be given rock-and-rye-flavored cough drops at the first sign of hacking and whooping. Now the drink is being revived by bartenders who see it as a cure for the common cocktail.

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Back in 1976 I had a cold and I didn't have any of the common cold cures handy such as Nyquil. That night, I mixed half a mug of tea with half a mug of R&R. As I laid in bed that night, it felt as if my head was separating from my body but next morning my cold was gone and I felt great. I have a cold today so I'm going to try my old cure once again.

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